Thursday, June 21, 2018

Taking This Year Off

Thank you to all who have called expressing interest in Hot Air Balloon rides. We have decided to take this year off. We are extremely busy in our personal lives during the spring, summer and fall. Please check back in the spring next year for updates.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Year Off

Thank you for your interest in Soaring High Balloon Adventures, LLC. We will not be offering hot air balloon rides this year. We have decided to take a year off to spend time as a family. Our family is very busy with participation in sports and we would like to be able to support our family in their sports.
Thank you to all of our previous passengers and also to all who visit this page. Thank you for your understanding as we take a step away from the business. You may check back in early 2018 to see any updates to this blogspot.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thank You For Flying With Us!

Thank you to our passengers for letting us take you for your hot air balloon rides! We had a fun season filled with great memories. With fall upon us, we have decided to close for the season. It is hard to fly balloons near the Lakeshore this time of year.

Our Pilot is currently helping to fly passenger rides for another business. The business we are helping out lost their pilot a few months back. He was a very close friend to our family and his death was unexpected. Please keep his family in your prayers. Thank you!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Season Has Finally Begun!

Our season has finally begun! We have eagerly awaited the warmer weather all winter and Spring has finally arrived. We flew a few weeks ago for our first flight of the year.
This season we hope to have better weather and a longer season. We are only offering rides on Saturdays and Sundays this year. With this being said, we do have limited openings for May and June. July and August offer more availability with a few weekends that are unavailable. The month of September will not be available for booking until August.
If you would like to find rates and availability, please call 1-616-836-4648. When booking your ride, we do require a $100.00 Non-refundable deposit per person. The deposit holds your date and is applied to the ending balance of your balloon ride. This deposit expires 1 year from date of booking. After 1 year, a new deposit is required.  We must receive this deposit within 5 days of booking your ride.  If we do not receive the deposit, your ride will be canceled.  We also require a 7 day advanced booking for your balloon ride.
We are a weather dependent business, with this being said, your ride is not guaranteed on the day you reserved. Rain, wind, temperatures and other factors figure in the decision to fly or not. We will fly on sunny days as well as cloudy days.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Book Your Hot Air Balloon Adventure Today!

We are now booking hot air balloon rides! We do have a limited number of rides available this year. We currently have the following dates available as of 7/27/2015. These dates may book up fast, so I would book early if you would like to take a balloon

August 2015
August 16
August 29
If you would like to inquire about prices or to book a ride, please call 616-836-4648.

*We do require a $ 100.00 Non-refundable deposit per passenger. The deposit is valid for 1 year from the date of booking. The deposit holds your date and it is applied to the ending balance of your balloon ride. *

Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy New Year! We hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful 2014. Our flying season is just around the corner. We are looking forward to flying and sharing our greatest passion with our passengers. We just love the peace and quietness that we experience while flying above the land. The views from the air are wonderful and make beautiful pictures. 

We are hoping to begin our season the first weekend of May. The date is dependent on the weather and if the ground is dry. As in years past, we are offering balloon rides Saturdays and Sundays.

We offer two ride packages and we do require advance bookings. We also do require a $ 100.00 PER PERSON NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. The deposit holds your date and it gets applied to the ending balance of your balloon ride. The deposit is good for 1 year from date of booking. 

The packages we offer are:

Per Person Ride- If you choose this package you may have other passengers riding in the basket. This package is less expensive than the Exclusive Ride for 2.

Exclusive Ride:
This is a ride for just 2 people and the pilot. There will be no other passengers in this ride. This package is more expensive. This package is great for proposals, anniversaries and maybe for a date night.

We also offer ride tickets that you can purchase to give for gifts. The ride ticket is paid in full and it is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. 

If a balloon ride is something you have on your bucket list or if you are looking for an adventure, please pick up your phone and call Soaring High Balloon Adventures at 1-616-836-4648 or 1-616-594-6259 to book your hot air balloon ride. We look forward to giving you a peaceful ride in the air. If you would like pricing or more information please call us at 1-616-836-4648 or 616-594-6259.

*When booking your ride please note that you are accepting and agreeing that you understand the      $ 100.00 per passenger deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and that you acknowledge you understand it is only good for 1 year from date of booking.*

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Soaring High Balloon Adventures is waiting for your call! We are now booking rides for the summer. A hot air balloon ride is a great way to see the landscape from a different view.

The balloon ride is approximately 45 minutes and in that time you are able to get an aerial view of what you are flying over. We fly the Holland/Zeeland area and also some surrounding areas.

We took our first passengers up for their hot air balloon adventure in May and they took some fantastic pictures. Our passengers were great friends of ours. The pictures in this post are ones taken by the Hescott's.

If you would like more information on hot air balloon rides or if you would like to book your ride, please call 616-836-4648. We look forward to booking your hot air balloon ride.